Karuna El Nido Villas

Karuna El Nido Villas

Karuna El Nido Villas

Karuna El Nido Villas


Maligayang Pagdating!


Thank you for choosing our lovely boutique resort, Karuna El Nido Villas, as your home in the  island paradise of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines!

We hope that you will have a very good experience and wonderful memories to cherish during your stay with us.

We at Karuna El Nido Villas will give our best efforts to make your stay a truly remarkable one, so please, do not hesitate to talk to us if you need any assistance while in El Nido.

Just a few reminders:

  1. Breakfast is ala carte and is served from 7am-10am.  We ask that you come to eat at the Restaurant for faster service.  If you want to enjoy breakfast at the privacy of your terrace, room service can be availed with an additional 10% service charge (price will come from the breakfast menu).  We will really appreciate it too if you can give your breakfast order ahead of time (the night before) to the Front Desk, as well as when and where you want it served.
  1. We have in-house shuttle service that can drive you to El Nido town and back to Karuna (hourly) from 8AM-11PM, for free!  All you need to do is coordinate with the Front Desk, or call them at +639455835122 (also in Whatsapp and Viber). 
    Please be reminded that it’s a first come, first serve basis.  We ask for your patience and consideration while you are waiting for your turn to be picked up/dropped off. 

Transport to other areas within El Nido is also possible, with a minimal fee:

You can fly direct to El nido from Manila via Air Swift airlines. Airport in El nido is Lio airport.

Multiple airlines fly to PUERTO PRINCESA Airport.

Another option is flying to San Vicente via Sunlight Air. They fly twice a week from Manila to San Vicente. Travel time from San Vicente to El nido is 3hours.

Please be informed that there are NO TAXIS in El nido.

1-3 persons with multicab- 300/one way
4-8 persons with van-500/one way

Travel time:20 minutes
(Children below 3 years old are free of charge)

(Semi-private; shared trip with other Karuna guests; may have an estimated waiting time of 10-20minutes, depending if theres are other Karuna guests)
1-3 persons -1500
4-5 people- 2000
6-8 people- 2500
9-10 people-3800

1-9 persons- 3800

For Lio airport transfers (pick up or drop off later than 9pm, and earlier than 5am, we only offer private transfer at 3500/one way)

Travel time:5-6 hours

Private trip(one way)
8000 FOR 1-8 people
The schedule of Private is Flexible.

Public trip(one way)
Hourly schedule until 7pm.

Schedule is changeable once the van seat is occupied already.Sometimes, they depart earlier than the original schedule.

All rates are subject to change without further notice. However, services that have been booked and paid previously will not be affected.

We will accept airport transfer service requests only until 24hours prior arrival time. Last minute requests can be made but subject to availability and is valid only if we confirm.

Please be reminded that once confirmed, cancellation is only accepted 24hrs prior arrival. Cancellations made exceeding the allotted cancellation period will be charged full amount.

*Shared transfers from Puerto Princesa will be bumped to the next available schedule.


  1. Power interruptions are normal in El Nido.  We have a back-up generator, but it cannot be turned on for a straight 24 hour shift.  Rest assured you will have power from 6pm-6am if there is a blackout.  In such cases, please allow 10-15 minutes for the generator to start.  The air conditioner in your suite will not restart automatically.  Kindly turn it on with the remote control in your suite if you need to use it.
  1. Water shortage is prevalent in El Nido.  We have taken measures to minimize the inconveniences for our guests but we still ask for your understanding when this happens. Water heater may not work properly if the water pressure is not strong enough.  Also, water may be murky after a water shortage.  Just turn the faucet on and rest assured it will be clear in no time. 
  1. Karuna offers free WIFI at the property. We have upgraded our WIFI capabilities. As of the moment, we are connected to THREE internet providers including Starlink and other optic—fiber internet providers. As we are on an island, intermittent signal and connection may still be observed every now and then. Please be patient.
  1. It is best to close the curtains at midday, especially in the summer (March-May) as the sun is quite strong and will warm up your suite.  We also advise that if you want to use the aircon to keep cool, please close your terrace sliding doors, as well as your bathroom and kitchenette doors.  Turn on the provided fans as these will also help.  If you’re going out in the morning and will not be coming back until late afternoon, please advise the Front Desk if you want your air conditioner turned on prior to your arrival so that your unit will be cool when you return.
  1. Since we are located on a hill in El Nido, we have some several natural inhabitants here in Karuna.  You might even see some creatures inside your unit, none of which are dangerous.  The most prominent is the “tokay gecko”, a colorful lizard that is usually seen in the evening.  They have a call that can be a bit noisy, but it doesn’t last long.  They are your friends as they eat insects, generally in the bathroom and kitchenette area.  They are also quite territorial, and they mark their territory by pooping on a certain spot.  Rest assured if you see some Gecko poo, these are NOT RAT POO, and that it will be cleaned during the make-up room.  Also, on some evenings, there is a natural occurrence in El Nido, especially when its full moon or if there will be rain soon, insects like “flying termites” will be present.  They are attracted to light so please close your doors.  They will be gone after midnight, and most will be dead by morning.
  1. And more in the spirit of preserving the planet, we ask that you reuse towels and linens more than once.  Towels will dry if they are hung up in the hooks in the bathroom area, or outside on the rack provided.  We will replace towels or linens as needed.  If you really need new towels, kindly ask at the Front Desk.  Beach towels are also provided at the Pool area, so please avoid using the white bath towels in the pool or when you go island hopping.
  1. Karuna is your home away from home. Kindly take care of the things in your suite, as well as in the whole Resort.  As much as possible, we want to avoid charging anyone for damaged and lost items.  All units are equipped with safety deposit boxes for your valuables.
  1. Lastly, all of us here in Karuna want you to have an amazing holiday!  If ever we have shortcomings, please be patient with us and talk to us in a calm and respectful manner. We will greatly appreciate that and will do our best to solve any problems that may arise during your stay with us. 

Maraming salamat po and we wish you a wonderful stay!

Front Desk: Available from 7am-10pm

Room Service: Available from 7am- 9:30pm

Housekeeping: Available from 8am-7pm